Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First... a little information.

Dear World,      
         If I were an efficient person, which I am not, I might have started this blog on my first day in New York. However, I will begin my sharing my journey 169 days later. Which is better than nothing... for those who are interested. 

         Let me begin by telling you about my family. I am the mother of one child, a five year old named Dylan. He is a witty conversationalist, who loves the dramatic arts and interpretive dance. Not one day passes without laughter and smiles when this little guy is around. My heart belongs to my fiance, Connor, who is a native New Yorker with a vast knowledge for all things business related. The last two in this family are my adorable Golden Retriever, Phoenix, who has been with me for longer than anyone else in this family, and our cat named... well, Kitty. We met Kitty back in Arkansas while we were walking Dylan to school. he followed us home and decided to stay. Unfortunately, we cannot have cats in our apartment, so poor Kitty stayed back in Arkansas with my parents. However, when we move closer to NYC next summer, Kitty will rejoin us.

         Let me clarify, that I am not a native Arkansan. I was born in Southern Louisiana and my family and I moved quite a bit. You should hear my accent! It is a mixture of everything but it's heavily midwestern. Strangely, everyone assumes that I am from Wisconsin, which is one place where I have never lived. I'm thinking that the accent developed when we lived in Michigan. For those of you who are aware of the different regional accents, mine is obvious in this area. Everyone in the NYC region speaks without using "R's" and with my accent, the "R's" are very dominant. So I do not blend in... at all. 

         As for a description of myself, I am an aspiring illustrator and children's author. For the past few years, I haven't had time to explore my creative pursuits. Now, I have complete freedom and I am practicing sketching scenery. My favorite author/illustrator is Tomie de Paola because his work is beautiful and simple. I am also a musician, as a hobby. The guitar is my instrument of choice and I also like to sing... but only to Dylan and when I'm alone or in front of strangers. I'm odd like that.

         I have decided that this blog will be a direct description of my feelings, encounters, and experiences. I'm not going to proofread or do any editing. It's just going to go from my mind to this page with no hesitation. A virtual diary for everyone to read. I'm sure that among the millions of New Yorkers, there may be a few newbies like myself who might enjoy reading this. Now, on to the blogging...

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  1. 169 days late is better than not at all <3

    I look foraward to reading your blog!