Thursday, November 10, 2011

Amateurs, Leaves, and Walnuts...

     I awoke this morning to discover that someone had sloppily tried to break into my car. It must have been a child because the covering of the keyhole had been pried off but the dummy didn't realize that the keyhole is attached to the door... not the handle. Well, I guess that anyone who goes around trying to break into cars at night, isn't exactly going to be the sharpest pencil in the box. 
     The leaves are changing into the most beautiful shades of red, orange, and gold. Occasionally, while walking the dog, I will find all three colors intertwining with one another and it is breathtaking. This morning, I just stood under the trees and listened to the moisture dripping between the leaves, from the heavy fog that was just beginning to fade. I inhaled the damp earthy scent of wet, decomposing leaves beneath my feet. It was a serene moment. We forget how important it is to just stand still and take everything in. At least for a few seconds. To just... activate every sense one by one.

I didn't have my camera with me, but later today, I will take a picture and upload it so that you can see it firsthand. Any description that I would try to express would simply not be enough to fully embrace the image. 

     Now, for a humorous note:

     Last night, I was making dinner while Dylan was in the bathtub. He calls out, "Mommy, I think that I have just pooped in the bathtub..." I pause, thinking that surely he must be joking. I then storm down the hall responding quite seriously, "You better not have pooped in the bathtub! You are going to be in big trouble!" I step into the bathroom and look down into the bathtub. There is my child squatting. He stands to reveal a little brown lump stuck to the bottom of the bathtub. I shrieked, "Dylan why on earth did you do that??" He reaches down, picks it up, and hands it to me... it is a walnut shell. 

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