Monday, November 28, 2011

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2011!

Oh yes we did....
    And it was actually quite enjoyable! I thought for sure that everyone would be ready to punch each other in the face to get a better spot, but everyone was smiling and so full of joy! Our viewing point was from Central Park West and we got there just before it started so we were pretty far back. It was ok with us though, because the balloons are so huge that you can see them from any spot and have a perfect view. The temperature was slightly cool, the air was still, and the sun was shining brightly in cloudless sky. As the parade went on, we kept scooting closer and closer to the front. Eventually, we ended up by the barricade leading to the "VIP" area (in other words, you have to know somebody to get reservations) and a wonderful member of team NYPD let us go into the MUCH less crowded VIP zone! Just in time to see Santa :)
     After our parade viewing, Dylan went out in the street to play with confetti. Then we walked through the park, got toasted almonds from a street vendor, and took a nice relaxing subway ride back to Woodside. Yes, I said a nice relaxing subway ride! The people on the subway were SMILING. Can you believe that? Two musicians jumped on board and started playing. The passengers, who normally don't bat an eye at performers, actually applauded! It was like the holiday fairy just passed over New York City and sprinkled happy dust on everyone.
     Anyway, I love the holiday season in NY. The sparkles, the smiles, the beautiful shop windows... I love it all. 

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